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i know id be happy if i was with him...

well, i am young, 15 years old, but i fell in love with this boy in 8th grade....he discovered me, we dated, and we broke up within about two weeks....then ....when we were freshmen, he asked me out and we dated for three weeks, then he broke up w/me.......and each time he did this i would cry myself to sleep for weeks, ...and then finally he asked me out one last time..we were alone after school....and when he asked me , i felt happy, and this time, we were both in love....but somehow i couldnt find it in me to trust him that we would be together for a long time, so i broke it off and now i regret it terribly.....i know im just a kid to some people, but my advice to you adults out there: if ur in love dont take it for granted do whatever u can to keep it alive, and if u want to break up ..think about it first or u will regret it.....im still in love with the same boy..and im about to be a sophomore...and i did alot that i regret now...and i know id be happy if i was with him...so if u feel like he/she is the one, then let him/her know....or you will never feel the same again.


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