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My First Broken Heart,

My First Broken Heart,

You would not imagine that 36 years could go by without a broken heart, but you'd be wrong. I was married for a very long time (15 yrs to be exact). The last couple of years we lived more like room mates, strangers taking up the same space, and trying to raise our two boys.

I had taken to the computer, and had made a few "real" on-line friends, and before I knew it, one had become very special to me. We used to talk for hours, phone calls, text messages, we even managed to meet and spend a full week together, trying to see if what we felt for each other was real, and no one was more suprised than I to find out that it was..very real.

I thought we were going to plan a life. I re-located to be closer, got a great job, and made some life changes that I should have made years ago. I don't think I'd ever been happier than the 16 months that I had him in my life.

After several months, things started to shift, the distance was not near as far as it was originally, yet plans could never be made, visits never happened. Phone calls, and text messages were our main contact. Friends said he was married, I paid to check, and no he wasn't. I think he might have met someone locally and just not had the guts to tell me.

Then, after several months of hanging on even when I knew things had changed, when everything in me told me he didn't feel the same anymore.....he sends me a TEXT MESSAGE, basically breaking up with me, "He just can't be what I need him to be, he is not happy in his life, he's 50 yrs old and he has to concentrate on his life, making changes he needs to be happy.." He then followed it up with an e-mail saying that eveyone he knows wants something from him, friends, family and even me, and he just didn't need that kind of pressure in his life right now.He just needs to be alone for awhile......YA RIGHT!

I was lost, devastated, 36 years and I'd NEVER had a broken heart. Never had I felt this hurt, never did I think he was such a coward to end it like that. I knew with the long distance that the chance of one of us meeting someone else was great, but I always thought he was such a good guy, so honest, that he would be able to tell me, face to face or at least on the phone??? Don't ya think?

But, since that last e-mail, there has been no contact, he's since disconnected his phone, deleted his e-mail account, and basicly disappeared! It's been 8 months, and I've slowly put my life and heart back together, I even have a decent guy in my life....but I can't lie...when someone you love drops off the planet like that, and you never know what happened, there is a part of you that never heals, that always wonders.......


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