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He swears I am the only love of his life.

I am an over 55 woman who fell in love with a man slightly older than myself who had been seperated for over a year and was living with his daughter.We started as friends and then it became a very loving relationship.I was told he was awaiting his divorce papers,in the meantime he never wanted to talk about his wife because it had been such a horrible marriage.We were together for 5 1/2 yrs when we moved to Florida to our retirement.Quite inadvertantely I got his cell phone bill and noticed several calls to a number in the city where his ex lived.I went even further,went online and found archives of his calls from the last 5 yrs.Well,it turns out he had been calling his wife everyday since we have been living together.SOme of the time have been together he would ask if we had no plans,he wanted to go visit his fishing buddy for an overnight.Well he was not fishing,all this time he was fishing in his ex wifes bed.Now I am in Florida with no family or friends and he swears he over her.I talk to her all the time via email and they are divorced but he couldn't seem to break it off.I feel soooo stupid for not seeing this affair and he promises they will never see one another again.If he does want to see her he would have to travel 1800 miles.I am even more stupid because I still live with him.He never called either of us by name (both of us have names beginning with "J" so he called us "baby".She thought he was living with his daughter and couldn't live with her because of his work being close to the daughters home.She scanned several love notes and pictures of them together all these years and I had the same.I think he must have shopped for cards at the half price store so he could buy both of us the same card.I don't understand why she considers me the "other woman" when he spent the night with her only on average of 9 times a year.Although he did keep in costant contact with her via phone.He swears I am the only love of his life.


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