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im FLYIN SOLO and loving every minute of it!

well i've been off and on with this guy, he meant everything to me.like seriously;i really loved him;the first time we ever went out when i was in 7th grade&&he was a sophmore.we was good goin on for 2 months;then out of no where he stop talkin to me;like seriously;then i got over it;next thing you knoe i find out that he's going out with my cousin;you dont even know how mad i was!.i hated him so much!.but i couldnt last;i had so much love for him!.then after 2 years we decided to try it again;so we did,we was doing good;then his sister found out [[she hated me]] and she told him to never talk to me again;so we was keepin it on tha DL.so this went on for a couple of weeks.then it ended;SCHOOL started and it was worst;everyone knew&&they kept askin me;i didnt wanna say anything because it would hurt so badly;then tha middle of tha sku yearwe started again;and this time I GAVE "IT" UP TO HIM;i gave him everything;i thot it was goin well,then all of a sudden he started ignoring me.i felt so damnnn used;after he told me he loved me and stuff;and i believe him.i hated that feeling!.right now were good friends&&we talk;he has a beautiful girlfriend and i cuddnt be more happier for him,as for me im FLYIN SOLO and loving every minute of it!


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