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I never felt even more crushed in my life.

My boyfriend and I were hot and heavy for awhile. We met when I was 12 years old and we were best friends. He was my first love, my first kiss. He's the one (and he still is) that gives me a funny feeling in my stomach.

Considering he's a year older than me, he went to high school and for some reason we quit talking. He got into the 'bad' crowd and started partying. I didn't know him at all. Then I heard he got expelled from school.

A few months later after his mistake he would call me and talk to me through MSN. We instantly got back on track and we hung out every other day. People thought we were inseparatable.

Then we just stopped. I didn't get any phone calls, no messages, nothing. I was so depressed and I'd call his house and his mother would always tell me that she'd make sure he'd call me and he never did.

One night I was sitting at home hoping he'd call for we could talk and hang out, but I got a different call. My best friend called me with a very worried tone telling me that my boyfriend, my first love, the guy that I trusted, was cheating on me with a girl from a different state that only came to our state once a month.

How my best friend found out was the interesting part. My father's internet wasn't working so I couldn't get on msn but my friends was. Apparantly my ex got on with his screen name as "I Love you __________." That's a great shocker for you. Instead of coming down to my house (By the way we live just down the road from each other)and telling me that he wanted to break up, he broke up with me through my friend and he told her to tell me "I'm sorry, but I just never loved you." That makes you feel great, doesn't it?

So there. My 1st love cheated one me with a girl who only visited a few times a year and started dating this girl. During the summer she visits down here all the time and its great bumping into her all the time. I never felt even more crushed in my life.


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