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I just wish I could have the guts to speak to him,

He was my first boyfriend. We started out as friends and became very good friends. We were so inseperable. Days were not complete without seeing each other. Hard school days became so easy just by having each other by our side. Until one day, we admitted the love we feel for each other. We've been together for almost 2 years (1 year and 10 months to be exact), full of joy and happiness. Until something happened along the way. I fell for someone else. I don't know how and why did it happen for I thought our relationship was perfect. I hurt him, he was very hurt but he never gave up. Months passed and I realized how wrong I was. He was still there. He accepted me with open arms. He told me we're gonna start a new life. And I believed him. But I got my prize. After 2 weeks, he told me that he's in love with somebody else. I couldn't complain. Who was i to complain? I set him free, pretending I was fine. We never had a chnace to talk again after that. I never had a chnace to ask him if he really loved me. We never had a closure on our relationship. And now that I am happy with boyfriend for 5 years, it's as if something is still missing inside me. The only thing that has kept me wondering was the feeling of "feminine pride" and "jealousy" when I found out that my ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend. It's funny but it's really weird...I don't know until when will I feel this about him. I just wish we could talk...I just wish I could have the guts to speak to him, maybe he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. I don't know......


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