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He's A Huge Jerk!
At first I thought he was really nice, but i didn't like him at all, then one day one or two of his friends came up to me and said " Would you like this guy if he liked you?" and immediately i said NO, because all of my friends had told me that he has flirted with almost every girl in school, but then i came to school the next day, and told my best friend that i think i liked him. It turned out that one of my other friends found out, and told him that i like him. After about 3 days he asked me if i wanted to go the movies, and i said yes. We went to the movies, no biggie...right??? Well it didn't turn out that way. He got all stupid and told all his friends that he kissed me, when he didn't, and made up a whole story about when we went to the movies. I was furious, so i told him and he said sorry and he wouldn't do it again. About a month later we were both talking to each-other alot, and he was really happy. One day after school me, my friends, him, his friends, and almost the whole school was at a base ball game, and he was acting all popular and really cool, and being really stupid. He said something really mean and disgustiong to one of my friends, and it wasn't the first time either. I got really mad, so i told him that i did't like hi anymore, cause i didn't. He started crying, and i laughed! I had wanted to tell him that for a really long time, and i was so glad to get it off of my shoulders! The next day at school, we had to change seatd, and ofcourse, the teacher put me next to him, i wasn't that happy about it, but i didn't say anything. The whole marking period he didn't stop asking if i still liked him, or if not, who i do like. It was SO annoying! About 2 months later, i signed up for an art class after school. It was alot of fun, and there was this really nice guy there. I told my friends, and one of them said that they knew him, and she sure did! She told me his name, and alot of other stuff. This art class was the whole year, and we were partners almost every week, so i really got to know him. Anout a month before school was over, one of my friends with a big mouth told him that i liked him. For the rest of the school year i didn't say a word to him. Even over the summer, he didn't get online once! I was so upset! About 15 days after school had started again, one of my friends boyfriends told him that i still liked this guy, from the art class, and that same day he asked me out! I abviously said yeah! A few weeks later my ex found out and was furious. He tried to brake us up, he tried walking with me i the hallway when my buyfriend was, and he tried asking me out!! How much of a jerk is he!!


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