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3 days after we "broke up" he was kissing on another girl

we had been together for 2.5 years and the last month of our relationship we had been fighting a lot, practically everyday. Basically, we were both under a lot of stress and were taking it out on eachother. We had a big fight before we broke up and we agreed that as long as we were honest with eachother we could get threw anything. Well a couple days later he lied to me about something so stupid and I got upset and said that i was threw. Well after a couple hours I calmed down and called him and said i was sorry and that I didnt want to break up, that I was just really hurt that he had lied to me over something so dumb. He then said to me that I had broke his heart and that he didnt think he could ever forgive me. Come to find out that friday (we broke up on tuesday) 3 days after we "broke up" he was kissing on another girl and now he's talkin to her. Its only been a week. He told me that "it just happened and he had no control over how he felt" :( how slimey is that?


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