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i cant wait for karma to hit u !

he's the worst guy that i could imagine, but someone will always have something for him. check this :
k, we started seeing each other, little dates , for a while. It seemed forever till he would ask me out. He liked me, I liked him, what could be wrong ?? everything was perfect, we got alone great,..... at least i thought so. see, he had real first love already. and welll that girl named " sonia " ( not real name), welll shes a total biatch that i didnt know at that time. well we were on a date, and well everythings going good. and i find out the next day he wanted to dump me that day ! :S next day, yeah u guessed it... he dumped me, FOR HER. seee once he dumped me, he asked her out. she said NO :) yeas! lol. and then welll stupid me, cuz he came back running to me, and i took him back. stupidd ! cuz after 2 months of dating, i broke it off cuz somethin wasnt right with him, and i found out he was inlvoe with SONIA. ! i hate u ex. i cant belive that after she dumped u again, i wanted u back, but im happy i never told u, cuz ur a son of a bitch ! i cant wait for karma to hit u !


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