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ok so me and my ex went out for 1 year and 8 months, and last summer i went to mexico for a week and came back on a saturday well it just so happend that he was leaving that same day that i was coming home (yes i knew this) and everything was ok before i left at least i thought. So he comes back a week later and everything seemed ok. so yeah i said i missed you and i asked "did you miss me" he said NO! i was like wow ok nivce to see you too. so we go back to his house and talk about our trips and then we had VBS the next day a church that went good we hung out and then went to the lake, well the next day Monday we had morning VBS and then went back to his house to watch his little brother and as im going up to him to give him a kiss hes like "i dont want to be with you anymore" i was shocked i started crying, he siad he was confused? i was like ok we have been going out this long and your NOW confused i was like whatever so yeah the week went on we talked about it and i was getting tired of it so i told him that if he didnt do some thing then i was going to make up his mind for him. so he was like ok what do you want to do i was like no tell me what you were going to say and he was like im breaking up with you yes i was hurt and heatbroken but i thought we would get back together but then one day i go to his house to get my stuff and my "memories" and he hands me "our" buliten board and it was empty and then he hands me a box with my stuff in it RIPPED UP! then he yells GET OVER ME I'M OVER YOU! so i did. i havent talked to him sense then. But now im with the best man in the world! it will be a year on July 30! :) <33

sorry so long but hes an ass!


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