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but nooo, he continues to ignore me.

It was near Valentine's Day & my brother tried to have one of his closest friends talk to me. But he liked my best friend, who was rejecting him so many times. Then, i thought that i should start talking to him, and so it all started from myspace. Ever since then, him, my best friend, and i would be like a "clique". We were soo totally BFF's!! I was going out with someone that time, until i ahd found out that he was cheating on me. I and that other girl both broke up with him and i was hurt because we had been togther for atleast 3 months. SO in my time of need, the "clique" boy supported me through this. He explained and made me feel better. Soon enough i started to get a cruch on him and i told the girl that he liked. She went out with my crush's best friend and tried to hook us up together. We went out for 2 weeks and i still like him even though it has been 3-4 months ever since we broke up. He broke up with me because wen he saw my bestfriend and his used to be crush, he realized that he still liked her and thought that he was using me. He didn't want to hurt me and thats why he broke up. But now he totally is EMO! he doesnt cut his wrists and all (THANK GOD!) but he is still EMO!! && he also gots cancer. I feel so stupid and not only that he doesn't even talk to me anymore. We lost our friendship because of some stupid relationship and i miss my old times. I just wish that he would understand that, but nooo, he continues to ignore me.


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