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As the sadness dissappeared, it gave way to anger

My first love, well, we had been together for almost four years. We went to prom together and had fallen head over heels in love. We spent every minute together we could, which was hard since i played so many sports in high school. We hung out as much as we could, and i was infatuated with him.

Then one day, about two months before he ended it, he started claiming depression and that my company eased him. I bought him gifts to cheer him up and since he said he loved me and i still had passion for him, i would also try to physically cheer him when ever he wanted.

Finally, after I had gotten in from a long day of work, i came into see him, with his favorite snacks in tow, paid for with my heard earned money, just to cheer him up.

He ended it right there, saying he needed to focus on his happiness.

Turns out his happiness was a skank from our high school who he had been seeing and had been quite "cheered up" by.

When i heard that he had cheated from a mutual friend, i was destroyed at first. I felt so unattractive and undesirable. We had been together for SO long... But then, all the fog cleared and i saw him for who he really was. A real cheap, lazy. fat, bastard. He never paid for a date, and never really wanted anything from me but a piece of ass.

As the sadness dissappeared, it gave way to anger.

He doesn't know what bitch is... he hasn't even scratched the surface.


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