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He humiliated me in front of everybody

Last year when i came to DR from Ny My then best friend introduced me to her boy bestfriend at first i didn't like him cause i thought that he wasn't my type but then we started to talk on the phone and he started to dedicate songs almost every single time that we talked and in no time i was falling 4 him!!! I felt like we were really gonna last!! Until one day it was a week before my b-day that he confessed to me that he had another girlfriend!!! I didn't even let him explain and i hung up the phone on him! Exactly a week later he called me to say happy b-day and he asked if he could come over to my house and i of course said yes cause i obviously still liked him. so he came and we talked and we got back together ( he had broken up with his other girlfirend) So then we were okay 4 a few weeks until something went wrong and we broke up again. I was really sad!!! Then like 3 months later we meet at a party and started dancin (I still wasn't over him) amd we kissed and he apologized for all the things he said the day that we broke up!!! In my mind i thought that we got back together... But i was wrong. A week later a group of friends got together at a pool and he went i thought that we were still "going out" and he practically humiliated me in front of everybody. In my mind i told my self that that was the last time i was gonna let him humiliate me like that. That same week he had the guts to call me and tell me that he was sorry that he loved me and that he didn't know what he had until he lost me that he wanted another chance and what he had to do, and it told him to start to try to win me over again. A few months past and we started skool we were meeting new ppl and i meet a girl that became really closed to me. one day she was at my house so i told her all about my ex-boyfriend and she told me let's called him and we did she told him to come over. When he came over we just started kissing and remembering our past. Then a week later My friend called him over to her house and he went we where all good until he started to treat me bad and then he left. I had thought that he changed but he hadn't. From that day on i promised to myself that i was gonna let him go and that i was never ever gonna fall for him again. 5 months later i was bored at home and i decided to call him and put on of the songs he dedicated to me (i called him private) and he knew right away it was me cause he called back, that day we talked for one hour. Then he started to call my house everyday and he was talking like a mature person until one day that i told him i still loved him. By me telling him that he thought that he had the power to do whatever he wanted with me. Right Now i just noticed that was a really big mistake. Until this day we haven't talk and i will really try to stick to my promise and not fall for him agian!!!!!! My advice to a person that is going tru something familiar is not to show ur thrue feeling until u really know the person!!!


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