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I said I liked him so I told him

My best friend and I started playing around that we liked some guy and we'd call him our boyfriend and stuff.Well then I realized I wasnt playing ne more when I said I liked him so I told him.Well he finally asked me out...and I said yea.So we were going out and he'd act stupid n front of me trying to be cool.If he'd see his friends w/their girlfriends he'd say oh its ok I hit that already and I was like w/e about it at first but then it got annoying.Then this girl he used to like would flirt with him rite n front of me and he'd hug her n front of me and when he hugged her his hands would be on her waist like they were 2gether and of course I got mad cuz he didnt even hug me like tat.N wat made me more mad was tat was one of my best friends girlfriends and my boyfriend didnt like him so he did tat 2 get my friend mad.ne wayz...well he would trip over the stupidest things and when a old friend gave me his number 2 call and catch up n he saw tha number n my book he got all mad and grabbed me and walked away and called me a whore.but he called and we talked it over and I forgave him.Then a week later he gave tat girl his sweater for a whole week and when I asked if he did he said he didnt and she came and gave it back 2 him n front of me so he lied.I was so pissed off I dumped him the next day.Three days later he heard I had been hanging out with sum guy and he said tats messed up its only 3 days since we were 2gether and he kept trying 2 get back with me and he friends(also good friends of mine) said tat was messed up so I told tat guy no 2 go out n my ex...tat jerk went out with sum girl tat I didnt like and didnt like me on our 4th day of breaking up.


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