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I couldn't help laughing every time I talked with this creep

Total Shock about my ex man!

I went out with a 19 year old, when I was fifteen just to get over my first love, and I couldn't help laughing every time I talked with this creep because he was totally weird. First he told me that he had never had a girl friend, and that he was so happy to have me as his first because I was sweet, kind, and loving. On the second night, he asked me what school I went to and how he'd come and hug me and slap my butt and stuff. I was totally thinking that this guy was a fake. He said that he was a freshmen as well and that he played with toys, meaning children toys and not sex toys. Then, he talked about his mama buying him a bird for a pet for Christmas, and oh my god so much stupid stuff. He invited me to his house for new year's eve because he had the house to himself, and I said that I couldn't. Every time he called me those pet names I felt like throwing up and was agrivated and all. So a week later, I had had enough and called to tell him that I was leaving him, and he was disappointed because the night before he had talked about his uncle giving him a condom for us to make love and stuff, I was mortified. He was gone, and I never heard from him again because I couldn't stand him. He expected so much in a week that I guess he pushed me away because talking about making love and getting married and having two kids just lost my interest.


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