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To him it was like cheating...

Ok. So I went out with this guy. He was a year younger than me. I'm 16 by the way...
We dated off and on for almost a year. The first time we broke up was because I made a mistake and I cheated. I felt terrible because I truly did love him...The cheating relationship I had with the other guy didn't last....But anyway...
The guy that I have been dating off and on and I went out a second time in January of this year.[2007]
We fought constantly about trust and he was a bit of a control freak. He wouldn't let me talk to certain guys. Yet I'd see him talk to other girls. It made me jealous, so I confronted him about it because he was being a little bit TOO friendly. He told me "I can talk to whoever the hell I want to, bitch." Excuse me for my language, but it was a direct quote.
All it was for me talking to other guys was just carrying on a casual conversation. To him it was like cheating...This 2nd time relationship didn't last as long as I hoped it would. We broke up on May 12, 2007 due to the fact that he couldn't trust me. We had been dating for 4 months the second time. I'm now single, and have been trying to find someone better.
Now I learned from my mistake.
NEVER to date someone like that EVER again.


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