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Well, I was inlove w/ my X from the first moment I layed my eyes on him in high school and college. He dated friends of mine, but I made my self aquaintances w/ him, just so I can say hello to him. After 3 yrs, I finally had my dream come true, he had asked me out, while we were both attending a community college, me and my family had moved, and we were neighbors, 1 block from eachother!!!!!
We dated for 5 yrs, it was great, but he liked to party alot, and i do not mean w/ alcohol. So of course, I wanted to try things w/ him, cos i trusted him. He was not like the other guys I dated. He liked to experiment things, but was VERY very, gentlemenly. My parents ended up hating him cos I disobeyd my curfew, i came home alittle loopy, but we were happy. We did fight after a while, he was becoming possessive and controlling of me, i couldn't hang w/ my girlfriends, but as long as we were together, he was fine, He was w/ his X for 4 yrs and found her inbed w/ anothr man, so I understood, but did not like it. So.....I found someone else( male friend) to hang w/and he was more pissed w/ me. After 7 yrs of this, He tells me, while we were always broken up, then back together, that he had slept my.....MY HAIRDRESSER, who I had introduced him to cos he needed a new stylist> WEll, needless to say, I had it then, I dumped him like a bucket of water and took off to meet my now, husband. I could not believe he did THAT to me, but I didnt think of what I had done to him, w/ the lies and etc, w/ my parents as well.
Now, we are both married to someone else( he married her cos he got her prego)) I see him all the time at his folks house, they live down the street from my mom. And we pass eachother w/ hellos, etc. and he told me that he misses me dearly, apologized for what had happnd, and yes, I also apologized. Its been 4 yrs for the both of us, and it just is weird how we both still have feeling for eachother. He was my first real love, I was his 2nd, lol.but the connection we had was stronger than anything imaginable. I love my husband and my family, but I still wish at times, that the ex and I were together. We had fun together, great physical fun as well. I even find myself dreaming of him often, and this was b4 we started talking again. We remained friends, although,SHE HATES MY GUTS, but she took his name!!!!!! I never told him that hubs and i have been having issues, cos i dont want sypathy, but I can't stop thinking of him. IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME< I WOULD.


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