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Love gone wrong

Well where to begin? I met this girl in high School and we dated for 5 years. Well about a year after high school i decided i needed to get away from my parents for a semester so i enrolled in a college about 3 hours away. I knew it was going to be hard to leave my girlfrined but i had to get away. So when i left i promised i would always be there if she wanted to talk. So every day i was gone i would talk to her on the phone, Or we would meet halfway and spend the day together. I even came home six weekends out of three months just to stay with her. Well when i returned home in the spring she told me that she loved me so much and wanted to get married. Well this was something i was really hoping for so i went and bought the ring which i would hold onto until i planned the romantic night. Well it was around this time that she started her new job and met a guy at work. She started to hang out with this guy behind my back and would lie to me saying she was at work when she wasnt. Well one day after a fight we had she said she had to leave for work. After a while at home i realized how bad of a jerk i had acted so i went and bought some roses which i would surprise her at work. When i got to her job for some reason i didnt see her car in the parking lot but i didnt give it much thought. I proceded into work and asked one of her friends where she was at. And thats when the train ran me over. She told me that she was not on the schedule and she went to his house. Well thats when my life crashed down around me. I felt so much pain that i would have rather had someone cut off my arm then to lose her. I loved her with everthing i had and i would have done anything anything for her. Well i beged and pleaded with her to give me another chanc (one thing i regret looking back) but she said no. Well in the back of mind i thought that maybe somedy she will come back. But two months after that i found out from a mutual friend that she is pregnant with his child and there getting married. This was the final straw i just broke down. its been about ayear now and every once in a while i will her about how shes so happy with her life and how glad she is to have a kid. I still have feelings for her but i dont want to. I f anybody has an answer for what i should do i would love to hear it please.


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