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here is my story.i have been going out with my bf for two months.ive liked this other guy for a whole year.we flirt in class,we hold hands,tell are problems to each other,hold each other in are arms.once it went to fare.i gave him a inosent kiss on the cheeck to prouve i liked him because he wouldnt believe me.a week passed and he told me that he loves me and i said the same back to him.my boyfriend didnt know about this,i wanted to tell him but i just couldnt.a month passed and it was the last day of school.i was waiting for my boyfriend at the bus pickup,he wasnt there and then i saw that guy i liked so i said bye to him and when i looked AT HIM,HE LOOKED AT ME AND HE KISSED ME ON THE LIPS.WE SAID BYE TO EACH OTHER AND SAID WE WOULD SEE EACH OTHER NEXT YEAR.WHEN HE LEFT I TURNED AROUND AND I SAW MY BOYFRIEND LOOKING AT ME IN SHOCK.I NEW HE SAW BUT HE DIDNT SAY NOTHING TO ME.WE KISSED AND HE SAID BYE.I DONT KNOW IF WE ARE STILL TOGETHER SO I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER TWO MONTHS,FOR SCHOOL TO START


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