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watch who you give your heart

I was in love with this one guy who i had a big crush on since the begining of time. H was seven years older then me. We were once friends and then became lover but as the relationship started to grow he started to change. About six months into the relationship things started to go down hill. People were telling me that he was cheating on me and that he also tried to mess with my cousin. But I was too in love to see the bad things that he was doing. So i continued with the relationship. But three months later i got pregnant and he left. And around the same time he got anohter girl pregnant. But i had an abortion all by myself and didn't know about the other girl until afterwards. So i stayed to myself to get my self-eestem back up to part. Then November the 20 I was introduced to another person who was sweet and charming and was an all around go person but had been through some things when it came to the law. But i was not going to judge him because he was honest with me for the most part so i thought. We spent every single moment together possible. We had spent private time at the hotel were i worked and become one with each others family. But The in January he went to jail and i held him down on the outside. But then his ex-girlfriend came back into the picture and he started to treat me like some hoe on the street when i was the one who gave him a big part of my heart and a greater portion of my soul. But now at this point and time we don't even talk no more like we use to do. He asked me if we could still be cool and still be like it was before and still fool around with her at the same time but that to me is not and option. So ladies i tell you this from my personal experience watch who you give your heart. Because it almost made me take the one precious thing that is worth more than gold and that is my life. I got pregnant by two people whosaid they care and all the while they did what they wanted to do and broke my heart in to so many pieces when they knew that i was fragile because of the fact that i was raped at a young and tender age twice but it seems that they didn't care enough.


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