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I was in about junior high, when I fell in love

I was in about junior high, when I fell in love.. I had just got rejected by my first crush, but than I fell in love with a guy that I thought was my angel, man was I wrong! We went out for a couple years, and I thought things would be perfect, but people told me that he was cheating on me and so much, and we broke up multiple times, but always got back together. About a year ago, I left him because I was tired of him calling me inappropriate names, ignoring me in the halls, and so much more. I forgot to mention that we were so into each other that we were supposibly engaged, and I do regret that stupid move of mine. Well, he came back a month after I walked away, and he claimed that he loved me, and I was stupid to take him back. Then, I found out that he had another girl, who was my enemy at the time, and I was heartbroken because he was the love of my life. He left me and I didn't talk to him for about eight months. We started talking, and he called me out of the blue saying that he loved me, and that because of me, he was drinking and taking drugs and so much, what a fool! We had a long talk, and I asked if he was with his girl still, and he said no, but I didn't believe him. I took him bak, but I decided to find out for myself. I spread the news tat werwere together, and the creep even told me hat I could tell everyone that we were together except the girl and her best friend. I told the girl's best friend, and she told the girl. We talked and both of us were pissed, and he was telling both of us that he wasn't going out with the other. She dumped him, but I stayed because I felt sorry for him, and things got good, but than he got mad for no reason and totally ignored me. He would never pickup my calls or return them, and I was agrivated, and did I mention that he gave me his mom's class ring for Valentime's Day? Well, I called about a month later to see what was up with him, and he said nothing that we were still together and all, so I broke it off with him because I was tired of him claiming to change, but being the same jerk that he is use to being. I felt bad about two months later, but I know that I can't be with him unless he knows what he wants and until he matures because I know what I want and do not like his games of telling me that he cheated on me or claiming that he sex with so and so just to try and get himself to be popular, but I know better than to believe it. Let the bad ex go through some pain, if he deserves it. I still love him and probably always will, but I hope my first love gets a hold of himself, but I'm not surprised just to think of who he hangs out with, total creeps!


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