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I am trying to because this new *boii* is taking my heart...

okay ii'm datiing thiis boy and all.but lets start from the begiinning. he said he had a crush on me ever siince last year but ii diid;nt pay hiim no miind well a year later ii liike hiim and what not but he had a gurlfriiend (ii did'nt know) but he was messiin wiit thiis gurl and but anyways we end up talkiing and ii hear he got a gurl so ii was liike iif you liike me than break up wiit her so he diid and we end up goiing out and then he cheats on me so we break up. then he calls sayiin he wont me back and ii live hiim so ii saiid yes we go out diin ii fiind out after we been goiin out for 5 weeks agaiin he cheatiin on me wiit thiis gay gurl who ask me out last year. so ii hear about iit and get iin her face and wateva and tell her like iit iis. so ii break up wiit hiim and we end up goiin out agaiin and he stiil cheatiin but thiis new *boii* we end up talkii and boyfriiend hears some of the stuff we been doiin and gets a attiide and says he goiin breakup wiit me so i tell him to do iit but he dose'nt so now iim tryiin break up wiit hiim fo thiis *boii*but ii cant because me and my boyfriiend been threw alot iin our 10 months os off and on. but iima try to because thiis new*boii* is takiin my heart..................


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