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it didn't stop the pain that tore my heart.

Well, I had been in some bad realationships before. Guys that dated me to use me for money, guys that tried to buy me over to make me feel special instead of actually caring. Guys that just liked the idea of a pretty face to show to there friends. The list goes on and on. But then again I was tired of feeling like the guy in teh realationship. Picking places to eat and movies to see made me feel we werent making decsions together. I thought i finally found someone and that it would be different.

It started so fast. I would make flirtatious conversation and leave him hanging.Till he started calling me. I guess the fact that he was so much shorter then me didn't help either, but at the time i didn't care. He asked me to be his girlfriend and hestitantly i said yes. We would meet every morning in my first class teacher's room when she was out in the halls. Of course we were innocent and nothing happened. Sure we kissed but that is innocent in itself. The strange thing was he never held hands with me and when people found faults with me instead of sticking up for me and defending me he would tell me these mean things. They hurt my feelings so bad, but i figured he cared about me and this realtionship was so different from the others that i would suck it up and try to not pay attention.

He would come over to my house and we would watch movies and stuff. He would yell at me if i were to loud or if I were in the shower for to long he would call to yell at me and tell me how bad it was for me.He would turn around and act sweet and kinda and i would fall for it everytime. And I hate myself for it. I made some bad decsions that i am not proud of and that i know i cant take back. But I had had enough when things got out of hand. I broke up with him though i missed him. It was not a healthy relationship and he made me believe what I wanted to believe and when he knew he screwed up he would play mind games. I just wanted to fall in love so bad i tried to ignore everything bad. I know i made the right decsion but it didn't stop the pain that tore my heart.


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