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he is still looking for a diamond when he missed a pearl.

O.k here goes nothing this guy i thought i had feelings for which i realized i don't and never did. The 2nd day i met him he asked me out and i said no b/c i didn't really know him. Afew months passed and he would not stop asling me out after i turned him down numerous times. Anyway we dated ofr awhile but he always made it feel as though everything in his life even his dog came before me!! I broke it off b/c i seriousley felt that he didn't value me at all. But after we broke up he would call me names and talk about me behind my back to his lame friends. He even told me "over the internet" that he thought it would be funny if i got an abusive boyfriend! JERK!!! but then whenver i would see him almost 9 times out of 10 he would flirt with me!!!!!! So since he told all his friends i was the worst g.f. he ever had (not that he had many) i told all mine that he was gay! I am a forgiving person so i forgave but i just told him i am over you! and i forgave him but here's the REAL funny part he recently told me that he wanted me back and i said "Sure, as soon as i stop breathing!" and walked away. But now i've found someone who does appreciate me and loves me for who i am. And my ex well let's just say he is still looking for a diamond when he missed a pearl.


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