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I swooped in like Superwoman and straight took him!!

My ex and I just broke up 05/31/07. Yeah I'm a little sad but I know he is soooo going to miss me. I made sure of it. So we've been together for about 2 years. Everything at the begining was great. At the begining the only reason I was with him was so I can take him away from his junkie of a girlfriend. See the thing is he was (and still is) my friend and the chick he was living with used him, cheated on him, and just did all kinds of tryflin stuff to him. And I figured it was up to me to help him out(STUPID!!!). Plus I had just broken up with my recent boyfriend, and basiclly had nothing better to do(next time I'll pick up some kind of hobby). So I swooped in like Superwoman and straight took him!!! So we ended up together. I moved in to his apartment and then we moved into a house. Now here comes where I went and got my emotions involved and fell in love with this boy. I started to think "Oh my god I found MR.RIGHT ...and I did!!! But you know what was the sad part ...he's not ready! I knew that was coming into this relationship (he's 24 I'm 30). I'm not stupid I was out and doing my stuff at that age so I don't blame him. He wants to mess with other females and he didn't want to hurt me by cheating on me. I think that was totally respectable of him. But now he's acting like nothing ever happened between us. That is so getting under my efen skin. He acts like we wern't even having sex or caring for each other. He is so quick to get out the house. He's hella looking at other girls in my precence and I hate him for that. I can't believe he's acting like a total jerk. I'm really starting to hate him right now as I type......but I got to chill I still work with bastard. I just hope he realizes that I made him the man he is today. So I guess next time I see one of my closest friend in a messed up relationship ....I'm walking ...NO!!! ...I'm running the other way....I still love you dude but I know you'll want me back but you missed your shot .....L8ER LOOSER


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