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i havn't even once thought about goin back out with him

there was this guy at my school and he was known as a player, but i didnt know that at the time.we started talkin an then started goin out the same day.in my head i was thinkin ''wow i cant believe this i got the guy of my dreams!''well everything was great he said i was the girl he wanted to be with for the rest of his life,he said he loved me and a few other sweet things and, that was only after like 4 days! i was over whelmed with emotion, i had never been so happy before, i loved him, he said he loved me, and even his mom and dad said that i was the only girl they wanted their son to be with.well we had decided to " do it" and that same day about an hour afterwards he got a phone call, he was on that phone for like 3 hours!!!i finally got up and said i was going home. meanwhile while he was on the phone he would say stuff to me like oh yea im talkin to my babies mama an this is my girlfriend that im talkin to and me an this girl im talkin to we just had sex yesterday(why she would have sex with him i dont know cause the sex was boring AND bad)and he just kept goin on an on you know tryin to make me jealous. well then he grabs me by the arm an started puttin on this act he was like "why would u want to be with someone who is the airforce an could be called to in at anytime? cause u you know if i do called in then i would have to start flyin and someone could shoot my plane down and i could die! huh how would u like livin with a person when you know they could die any day?" i was like so you wanna break up? hes was like yea, but i wasnt ready to end the relationship only after goin out with him for a week and a half with out puttin up a fight i refused to break up with him for two and a half weeks , mind you hes was tryin to get with other girls.! okay fastforward about 5 or 6 months ... i get this phone call an its "him" he said "are you single?" well i was busy at the time an i told him that i was going to call him back. i did. and i told him yes and i asked why he wanted to know. then he started goin on about his last girlfriend and how she told him that she had wanted a long-term relationship and then she cheated on his ass. when he told me that she cheated on him 5% of me was feelin bad for him and the other 95% was laughin and thinkin karmas a bitch aint it?! well i finally told him how i felt once he had stopped talkin and he was said " oh if i had known you had felt that way i never would have broken up with you" its like that whole thing just went right over his head. and i got pissed i told him i was like " nigga i broke up wit yo ass" an ha aint say nuthin. after that he asked me out and usually if a cute boy asks me out i say yes immediately that is if he has the qualitys i look for in a guy, but even though i had already dated this person it took me 3 days to give him my answer.but once a cheater always a cheater ... and so i think you can guess how our relationship ended (a week later) but even after all that he has put me through i still have love for him i know im stupid for that but hey if you were in love its hard to forget the good times you had with that peticular person. i still talk to him an his mom an dad but i havnt even once thought about goin back out with him.


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