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I will never date a friend again after this.

I have known this guy for like 10 years and our parents have always been pretty good friends. I had this huge crush on him for the longest time. Even though we are 5 years apart, we ended up dating for almost two months, big deal right? I thought it was, it was like one of those dreams that you have waited for so long to come true, but when it does it's not all that great. We had a great time, but then he didn't call for a couple days and I was starting to get worried. I figured he was in trouble again or embarrassed for something that happened. Then, a couple days turned into a week. Ok cool. When I talked to his sister she said "Hey you sould come over tonight I need to tell you something that I heard." Oh great. So I go over there and she says that he is cheating on me. I was just sitting there thinking "and he didn't have the balls to break up with me before he went out and did this? I mean come on." So I ended up just telling him it was over. Now I occasionally get texts or calls from him and see him at get-togethers, but it's deftinitely not the relationship we had before. Good things usually come to an end. I will never date a friend again after this.


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