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i am becomeing a very insecure person . and not a nice one at that

my ex seemed to me to be the perfect partner in the world , the looks the manners and the charm to boot. but all went wrong when he wanted me to to know everything about him and his past so he could have a clean slate with me. he had swinging relationshps with his ex wife and his former girlfreind before me. well i was horrified and told him i was disgusted he tryed to talk me around to his way of thinking. to my own disgust and not really what i wanted i slept with his friend as a threesome....did rude pics for him....his wish.i just wanted to make him happy and to want just me.he has still frequented sites rueswingig ones etc so i said was be on them i wanted the psswords etc ...... which he gave with no heitation.
unfortunaltley we were argueing alot of my own insecurities becasue of his past swinging fun etc...so we kept falling out every time we fell out he changed the passwords so i had no access or knowledge to where or what site he was on and with whom. the strain all became too much.he has made me more insecure than i have ever been in any relationshoip and thinks i shoud get help.

we fell out after i found out that he had been on more sites than i had bargained for and my pics were on these sites....... we got back together last weekend we cleared the air etc ..... but i have a womans instinct he is doing it all over again ...as the emails he normally would open have not been opened assuming now he has opened up yet another email account.....

im at my wits end altho i love him i am becomeing a very insecur3e person . and not a nice one at that


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