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ha ha ha ha.... what a loser

the first month he was the sweetest kid. but after that... He was a total WoW (world of warcraft) nerd. it's all he would talk about when he was with his friends... he never tried to hang out with me... we hung out four times in the three weeks we were together.... he wouldn't show affection in front of anyone else except holding my hand. he thought i was over emotional. he rolled his eyes when i was mad or crying and he had this way of laughing when i made PERFECT sense. he would get mad when i got mad, saying i was too emotional... he just didn't care about me. he said i was over caring about a teenage relationship. because of this, i was planning on dumping him, i wussed out on that for three weeks...
he dumped me because:
1. he wanted to be free and not feel obligated to do anything over the summer.
2. he thought i was over emotional
3. he didn't want to deal with my being "over-emotional"
and then when i talked to his sister the next day, i found out that he was dropping out, because he didn't want to do any more work. which is funny becuse he never did work in the first place. i guess he failed all his classes this year and didn't want to make up all the credits.... ha ha ha ha.... what a loser


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