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"Would you be mad if i cheated on you?"

well i had been dating a girl for three years and to tell you the truth i thought she was the perfect one for me. she was everything i wanted. she was real big into horses and there was a horse show in alabama or something like that and she wanted to go but she didn't have enough money. so i loan it to her (biggest mistake of my life). so she packed her bags and booked a hotel. the night she left i kissed her goodbye and told her to be safe. while she was gone i went to buy her a ring to propose to her with. it was almost as beautiful as she was. the night she came back i went to her house with flowers in my hand and the ring in my pocket. i knock on her door and she comes out and says "Sit down on the porch, I have something to ask you." i say that i have something to ask her also. i tell her to go ahead and ask it. she says "Would you be mad if i cheated on you?"i say "Did you?" she says "i made out with another man."i say "you mean that you sleept with him?!?!" and she says yes. so i tell her that i would talk to her tomorrow and i'll try to forget about it. the next day i drive to her house only to find her talking on the phone with him, planning another visit to alabama. it was so messed up.i could never for give her for doing that.


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