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All the guys I met just wanted one thing,

So I had been in a rut in the dating scene. All the guys I met just wanted one thing, big suprise since I met them at clubs/bars but where I live there isnt much else. One night I go out with my girlfriend and a few of her friends. She tells me that this "hott" guy is going to be there and then she tells me he just got out of prison but he's a SUPER nice guy.. yeah I know I said prison. We go out and I meet him and he just seems so creepy to me.. probably cause he had that I just got out of prison look :) I dont give him the time a day until like a few weeks later we are out again and I run into him. I am plastered and I am flirting with him and give him my number and tell him to call me.. he does and we go out on my b-day. He blew me away he was so nice and sweet and funny. I had such a blast hanging out with him that night. From that day on we are attached at the hip and things are great! I meet his family and they love me and he meets my parents and knowing he was in prison they welcome him. Things are great we move in together and you can imagine the sex was great.. hello he just got out of prison (after like 6 years) Things are good for like 5 months and then his slutty friend, let's call him "B", starts telling him that he needs to be single and not be tied down to one girl because he just got out of jail.. finally this takes it's toll and he tells me that I need to move out of our apartment so he can go f*** other girls... I am so upset and I move out.. we continue to talk and after a month and 5 girls he tells me it's all out of his system and he only wants to be with me.. Naive and blind that I was I got back together with him, for like 2 weeks things are good and then one weekend his cousin is in town and they go out. He stays at a hotel with the cousin and I dont hear from him for a day, he comes home and acts that nothing is wrong.. we have sex go to bed and the next day I get home from work to find a note from him telling me he cheated on me the night he went out with his cousin.. big suprise.. I am not even upset I am totally over him by this point. Him being the nasty dirty cheating creep he was, was the best thing that could have EVER happened to me.. 2 weeks later I met the most amazing guy and a year and a half later we are married and I am the luckiest girl in the whole world.. I still see him occassionally at the club/bar and he's been with the same poor girl since we broke up. Everytime I see him he cries and tells me how much he misses me and still loves me.. right in front of his girlfriend.. Idiot!!!


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