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Do you hear the dueling banjos playing? I DO!

My ex said he wanted me "to know how it feels to be hurt". Since he couldn't get to me physically, he starting striking out in other ways.
He stole my family photo albums--including those with cherished momentos inside. He stole the only picture I have of my deceased grandfather and his marriage certifcate. Then the "specimen" called my dad--who was upset that his father's picture had been stolen, the marriage certificate of his parents stolen--and started blaming me for the break-up. He actually told my dad that I am the problem bc I don't give him enough sex..then he called my cousin and told lies that the family albums said bad things about her, and our family.
All the while the sob is moving his own cousin into our home--and planning to spend a life "together forever". I found the most disgusting love notes between the sob and his cousin. He doesn't want anyone to believe me so he is making up these stories. He even told me that of course he wants to hug, kiss and hold his cousin but only because he made a promise to her. He said his cousin was the one flirting with him, not the other way around. He even told me he only kisses his cousin on the forehead--and he has to hold her bc there is no one else to do that for her. Do you hear the dueling banjos playing? I DO!


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