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My ex was very abusive to me. Whenever I asked him to marry me, he would fly off into a rage. He may break things, call me names or blame me for not being appreciative enough or not giving him enough sex.. Or he would give me this line that we had a "special connection" or shared a "past life together" so we didn't need to be married. He even gave me an Edgar Cayce book called "Living Your Past Lives". He didn't even like me going to church. When I finally left the abuse after being physically attacked intuition told me to go to the family court house--look up his name. I found out my ex was married when I met him. These records are also available on Ancestry.com. We had children together--and when I was pregnant, he was already married. He would come home, smile and act like nothing was wrong while hiding his secret life. I found the address of our house and all our property listed in court records too. He was married under a different last name too. He doesn't feel any remorse either...has never explained why. It's so sick, I am afraid of what else I will find out about him. All I have to say is do a background check and leave the abuse immediately--it won't get better!


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