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The last thing he said to me that day was that he loved me

Alright. My ex boyfriend and I were going out for 9 months. He always said he had loved me and how he wanted to be with me and said he would marry me and crap. Well. December 31 at church he decided that he couldn't deal with our relationship anymore...so he thought we should break up. The last thing he said to me that day was that he loved me. I thought and thought and said to myself you know what he ain't that good to me...so f him. The next day he had kissed this girl. And I figured out he had known her for four months and liked her and asked her to go out. Now, we don't even speak to each other. We hate each other. I look at him everyday and think to myself why did I date him and I always end up with it was just practice I am ready for a real man to take care of me. That's what I have now a real man. Listen to me now..if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend and they do something you don't like and you ask that to stop and they don't, they don't even try to stop leave 'em. They ain't good.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you do what I ask...cause you will just be getting hurt in the end. PEACE.


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