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That is when he changed. For the worse

Three years ago, I fell in love.

With a young man, no less, that claimed to love me back. He was the nicest guy I had ever met, conciderate, but my friends did not like him. I was already in a relationship already, so I did not pursue one with him. However, we did get together two years later, after I had been single for half a year and given up hope.

That is when he changed. For the worse.

He was not the kind man I thought he was. He was a mentally, emotionally abusive jerk. However, I thought it was 'love', so I stayed with him in hopes he would change.

He didn't.

Eventually, I got sick and tired of him and left him, but that was not the end. He kept crawling back to me, begging for me back, claiming he would change, and of course, I took him back.

And of course, he treated me like dirt once more. That stupid little cycle continued so many times until he got into a fight with my mother.

I put my foot down then, and he was thrown out of my life.

...Sadly, that still was not the end.

To this day, said ex continues to find ways to harass me. He calls my house, messages me on various websites I am on, and spams my assorted messenger services. He tells stories and fabricates lies to my friends, and I am sick of it, but I have moved on.

I learned the hard way that people closest to you can crush you the most, and that you shouldn't let anyone step on you.


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