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Im soooo over him

I went out with this guy for a year and a half. We did everything you can probably think of and we have had soooo many adventures and memories together. There was not one moment we were apart and when we were, we would always call eachother and made sure we both were doing good, and talk about how school went or what we did all day. Basically like best friends do! But this past august, he broke broke up with me, and he left something real good behind. The week before the break up, there was a party a wedding, and ummm he had a female friend that went to that exactly same party and one of my good friends was there and she told me that she saw my boyfriend and his female friend messing around. Basically he cheated on me. He didnt think that i would find out but i did. So a week later, he broke up with me. And until this day he is still with her. He had called me a month ago, but i told him that i didnt want anything to do with him because im really hurt by wut he did to me and my feelings. I really dont want to see him anymore ill never forgive him. He scared me, i had given him everything he ever wanted, but last year at his birthday i gave him my virginity, and his birthday is just 6 days away. Isnt that a good scarr for him? I just cant believe that he left something really special and worthy just like that. I was really mad because i gave him a promise ring and he gave me one too but he asked for them back and so i did, but what hurt me the most out of this brake up was the fact that he threw away the rings to the trash, and he wasted my time when i coukd have wasted that time on someone else or something else like college. But the good part about this brake up is that i dnt have to worry about a boyfriend calling my celphone every 5 min. To chek who, what time, and where im at? Im really relieved. Im soooo over him, its not worth my time crying for him.


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