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my mom is my life, she is most of all

I still remember the first time I met him...When I first met my ex I my first impression of him was that he seem very cocky and obnoxious. Something I really did not liked in a guy. I disliked him and really did not pay attention to his friendlyness towards me.

Every time I would go to the store or just passed by he would take a chance to at least try to speak to me;I would actually ignore him and keep on walking. Although, time passed and for some strange reason I started to notice him. We started talking and most of the time would spend hours on the phone.(that was back in high school)

I had presented him to my mother and my sisters. They all seemed to liked him except for my mother. I would aske her why didn't she think much of him, she would answer me that something about him told her that he was false and that he was not serious about me or would treat me right. Sadly, but true our relationship was never good. We spend 4 yrs together, on and off that is. He became from a gang and even then things changed even more. He had gone to jail; I was always there when he need me. Suddenly, when he came out my mom, my sisters and I saw him walking and holding hands with this girl. I broke in tears, he was the love of my life. After that he would call me telling me to take him back, I always did no matter what my mother said for my love for him was greater then myself.

I would always argue with my mom for him, something I regret. Recently I got with him and all most got pregnant (After that day I never received a called from him)I told my mom about it and she just could not understand why did I let myself get stepped on so much from a man who did not deserved to be called a man. Now mothers day came and as a present I gave her a letter, telling her how sorry I was. I will never forget that day, I'll never forget how she cried in front of me, something she never did before. She was asking me not to go back to him at all or speak to him. Seeing her like that broke my heart and made me realized that every thing I had done for our love was not worth it, he was and is not worth it. My tears for him were never worth it. But my mom, my mom is my life, she is most of all worth every thing.


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