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as for my ex.. he wil always be in my heart

I had a boyfriend, he was my first love we recently broke up 2 months ago but we went out for 8 months and i was head over heals for him..i also introduced him to my best friend.. i finally broke it off because he just didnt seem interested in me as he used to ... doesnt talk or call or message me.. After we broke up he started talking to my best friend and started liking he and she liked him too.. she would rubb it all in my face that he calls her ALOT and my friend caught them together after our break up and my other friends and they would say they accidently ran into each other.. she was meant to be at school with me but she jigged and accidently ran into him... they would say it during the time we went out.. i was really really cut.. NOT TO MENTION they both go to my UNI soo it just esculated my time to get over him.. i never showed him that i care.. deep down inside i wil always love him.. my friend and him are going out now and she stil talks about how wonderful he is to me.. i was angry at her for a while but i don't know what to do.. and i can;t believe out of all people he chooses my best friend.. im going insane..i cried.. blamed myself.. sometimes i couldn't sleep from thinking soo much.. we shared soo much together.. i can't believe that to him it just felt like it was all meaningless.. ne way in a way i wil always love him but if he does try to get back with me i dont think i would be able to accept it... however in due time i will eventually open my heart again... and accept someone new in my life.. someone who does make me happy.. as for my ex.. he wil always be in my heart.. always and forever.. i think a good song to try and get over ur ex is donnie j - so over you... be strong.. don't let anyone put u down because ur special and you deserve to be loved...


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