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I realised he had found out how to "play the feild"

I met my boyfriend when he had just come out of a long relationship.He was very nervous a bout starting a relationship so we took it very slowly and things started to blossom. every thing went well untill he planned a trip overseas to visit family.. Just before he went he was attentive and loving and i counted the day unti,l he came home. he sent me beautiful emails and i counnt wait to see him. When he got off the plane he was different. I tried to tell my self he was jetlagged. But when this went on for weekI realised something was wrong. On questioning him he said no every thing was fine. over time I suddenly started to see less and less of him and when i did see him he was distant. I finaly had enough and sent a text to him saying that he had to make up his mind if he wanted to have anything to do with me any more and that i loved him and was prepeared to make things work. The next morning i got a text saying he was sorry but he did not feel that way about me But he still wanted to be friends I was humilliated ..I continued to get messages from him saying he wanted to be friends. Then one day I decided to meet up with him to try and get closure on things. He informed me that he had acted unpleasantly with me in the hope that i would get sick of it and drop him. He also said He had not planned the breakup at the moment it had happened that was an accident??? He had not wanted it to happen while his brother was staying with him as he did not want to ruin his holiday. And he was totaly amazes that I was still hurting after eight week as, when he was fifteen he had broken up with a girl and been fine by the next week! (that was a few years ago ) He then proceded to tell me that he wanted to play the field but wasnt sure how. wHEN I EXPRESSED that this was a painful thing to hear. He replied isnt it better then hearing that he was in a serious relationship?I stupidly still loved him and wanted to try and stay friends in the hope he would take me back.And yes I am ashamed to say I did sleep with him . But one night he asked me to come over and pick up some of my things i had left there and proceded to tell me that he was like a drugg for me and that I was getting my fix " and he felt that I shouldnt see him any more as it was too hard on me> at that moment I realised he had found out how to "play the feild" and didnt want me around any
more. I havnt seen him since but i hear in two weeks he has been through three girls and has his latest helping at the sports club that he runns . And afer sleeping with her once refurres to her as his partner


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