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he danced with this weird ugly and fat and then asked her out...

alright... so me and john (not his real name) said that we like really like each other.. but we didnt go to the same school or anything so i couldnt see him a lot, so i didnt want to go out with him right away... but still i considered us "committed" to each other... he asked me to go to his schools dance but i couldnt and he went anyways... he danced with this weird ugly and fat and then asked her out... i didnt know any of this until my friend told me and i was like devastated... but i didnt let it get to me... we were still friends kind of i gues... and then like a month later he started talking to me asking me if he should breakup with his friend.. i still liked him but didnt want to be like "OMG DO ITTT!!!" so i just told him if he didnt like her to do it.. he breaks up with her, and i saw him at a dance a few days later... we were dancing the whole night and all over each other and he asked me out... of course i said yes and was very happy... we were getting along really well and going out a lot.. until like a week later he calls me and breaks up with me... i was just confused... my friends saw him in town that night with some other right after he broke up with me... he called me and told me he still liked me like 2 says later, and i was like well where does this leave me?... then he told me that he had hooked up with this and i was like wow i dont care... then he said that he still liked me and only broke up with me becuase he didnt want a friend... he also thought he should be the one to tell me he hooked up with this and that it was a huge mistake... so i dont even know what to do now...


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