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He Cheated with His Ex In My Bed

I have had many ups and downs in my relationship with him. We fought continuously over bad decisions, wrong friends, and other arguable situation. The biggest thing that we fought about was HER. She was an ex girlfriend of twos years and for some reason, she was NOT ready to let Him go. She would call almost everyday and want to hang out with him and yet when he didn't return her phone calls, she got angry at me saying that it was my fault for the falling apart of their relationship as friends.

During the fourth of july, I was hospitalized and was unable to attend the fireworks with him. Before he left for the night, he told me that he cared about me and that he couldn't wait to see me soon. After I got out of the hospital, things were great! We finally got along! Little did I know that SHE knew something I didn't. At the peak of our relationship, she got really angry and decided to the spill the dirty little secret of HIM cheating on me. WITH HER....IN MY BED!!! He denied it at first but then came clean. I burned my bed...and I took everything from him that was dear to him. Maybe what I did was wrong...but I know that nothing can be as wrong as sleeping around on the person you love...in THEIR BED.


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