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Some guys are just jerks

My ex was the most horrible man alive. He was my best friend for twenty years, and after eighteen it was kind of a situation of, "Hey, why not?" So we tried it for a few months, and it definately didn't work, we were just too good as friends to be lovers and it ruined our friendship. Right when things started to go back to normal, he started dating one of my friends.

At first I though this was fantastic! Now it wouldn't be some random snob from who knows where, to take away my best friend. Well, I was wrong. Being friends with your best friends girlfriend is such a bad idea. Anyways, this girl got controlling, and they never spent time with any of their friends, they stayed together on and off for a year breaking up every two days but "so in love" that they couldn't stand to be apart.

It got worse too. I was in a serious relationship myself for over a year(that i'm still in) and me and my ex started to get along really well, until I found out he had cheated on his girlfriend. I was horrified, all along I thought he was such a great guy. The problem was, he was keeping this from me, and her too. So, over a week or two as I was trying to lure it out of him he started to hit on me. Complimenting me on the size of my breasts, and telling me as soon as we broke up with our spouses we should get together, and hey, why wait? Can't we just do that now. Oh, he could rent us a hotel room. We could secretly meet up.

Enough was enough, I had to tell her, and I did, and she cried and I cried for her, and my boyfriend tried to console the both of us, and it just wasn't working, so she went to her boyfriend, and they talked, and she apologized to everyone for being so horrible. Everything seemed like it would be perfect, until the next day they were back together.

And the day after that, he was back to making propisitions that we should sleep together.

Some guys are just jerks, no doubt about it, just dont get caught up in bad relationships, or bad friendships.


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