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no man is worth your tears!

The disappearing act!

We met in the most amazing way! I thought it was not love at 1st sight, but there were sparks! Major sparks. It was December 28 I was out having drinks with friends and there he was.

After talking all night he asked if I wanted his number. I said no because I was taking a well deserved break from the dating scene. I had been out with more than my fair share of jerks for the year 2006. The last thing I needed was one more scar on my heart for 2006.
He talked me into it, said we could be just friends because he was only in town for a week.
He was home for x-mas holiday's from Windsor, he was a 1st year law student.

We had the most amazing week and I felt he was something special and different. Not like the rest of men who had let me down. We talked on the phone all most every other day. He would send the cutest e-mails to me every morning.
We really got each other, it was really refreshing.
He brought me flowers, open doors, and was so into my life. He was away at school but he was so close and had become a part of my life. We saw each other ever three weeks, had wonderful weekends, and there was never a bad moment. I was falling in Love with him.

Then one day, he changed!
He left Toronto after reading week and something changed. Fewer phone calls, he was stressed always, no more e-mails of how much he missed me. I did get a birthday card and a phone call on my birthday. I later found out he went out a celebrated another girls birthday on mine and lied to me when I asked what his plans were that evening.

To make a long story short three weeks later I realized I was dating this so called man who could not even spare 5 minuets of his day to call me. I called him and asked if it was over, he said he would call me when he got thought exams. He never called!

Yes I received a few confusing e-mails, but never a phone call. I was the fool who waited for him, gave him space, and time thinking he would come home and we would work things out. I really just missed him. And during our time apart I would compare all the other guys I met or was asked out by to him. The guy who could not even spare 10 mins for me in 3 weeks.

He came home and has been home for two weeks and I have yet to receive one phone call, e-mail from him.
Nothing even regarding where we stand or how he was sorry it did not work out. Nothing from the man who looked me in my eyes and told me he would always be honest to me and would never burn me. Thatís all I asked of him. For truth and respect. And would not even answer one of my calls.
My heart is hurt, but in time it will mend it's self.
I wish I had never met him because the very thing I did not want to happen, HAPPEND!
I miss him even still, I never thought the last we were together would be the last time I would ever see him again. I truly thought deep in my heart that he would come back to me.
I was wrong!

I have learned to becareful who you let into your heart,
To always trust your gut when something is wrong,
and that no man is worth your tears!


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