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He hurt me so much..that i cried for months

Well..i went out with this guy who was so sweet and caring and just sooo perfect. It was the last 2 weeks of school..and the last 2 weeks before he moves away. We tried to spend our last weeks together..and it was pretty awesome. But the thing was, HE was the one who really liked me..and i just felt like he's there. I mean, i liked him..but i just didn't feel like it was gonna be anything in the future.
Little did i know, it was gonna affect me even up to now.
The day before he was gonna move..a couple of our friends and us..hanged out in the park for the last time.
After that..he walked me home..there..at that time..i felt sad. But not super sad.
Then..he said.."I will never forget you. I hope we can still talk to each other..even though we're miles away. I love you."
I said that i would miss him too. Then, we kissed..just a peck.
And i turned around and walked away. I never looked back.
Well..we kept in contact for up until a month later. Then, we didn't talk to each other anymore.
It's been 2 years when i started to think about him again. I started to wonder how he was so i called his cell. I found out he changed his number. Then..i remembered he gave me his screen name..and well..he never replied. I got his new number from a friend..and called him. I left him messages..and he never replied back. I emailed him and tried to add him on MYSPACE..but he denied and rejected me.
He hurt me so much..that i cried for months. I couldn't believe that he changed so much. he stopped contact with his old friends. And i couldn't believe the fact that this sweet boy, turned out to be an asshole.
Now i know, that i can't believe what anybody says.
He said.."I hope we'll be talking to each other. I will never forget you."
Yea right..but he did.


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