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My ex-boyfriend and I met at a party. Right away we both felt a strong attraction towards each other and confusing lust with love, I made the mistake of sleeping with him, which totally went against my better instinct. That same night he got drunk and told me that I was the most beautiful girl he's ever seen and how he'd love to go out with me and like an idiot I believed him. For the next month or so (this was '03)we would go out almost every night and have so much fun together. We'd go to movies,baseball games and do everything that two people who were crazy about each other would do. Everything was going great. I felt like I had finally found a person I could connect with who liked me for me and respected my views and beliefs. Just when I thought I had found the man of my dream, undoubtedly the guy I was going to go to prom with and get married to life threw me a curve ball. My family had to go to Chicago for a baby shower. I was only out of town for a week but when I got back my boyfriends attitude towards me completely changed-cuz guyz suc like that sometimes. There were rumors that he cheated on me with one of my good friends. I was shocked and didn't kno who to believe. I called him as soon as he got bak but he seemed cold and indifferent towards me like he didnt want to see me or care that I was back. I had no idea wat I did wrong. I tried being a good girlfriend and keep us together. I was never the jealous type and I even took him to hooters (lol)which was a big deal for me. We got into a fight at another party and I sat on another kids lap -trying to make my-xbf mad just to c if he actually cared about me. I felt our relationship just slipping away but still it came kind of as a shock when finally he broke up with me.That was the worstnight of my life. I cried endlessly for hours and still feel the pain when I think about it even though its been a year since we broke up. I think I seriously loved this person despite all of the pain he has caused me. After we broke up, I was the one to call and apologize to him for ne thing I might hav done wrong. Months later we tried staying friends and even friends with benefits because I would do ne thing I could just to keep him in my life. That whole thing never worked out for obvious reasons. You can't b friends with benefits with some one who you still have strong feelings for. Then the inevitable happened.The man of my dreams found a new girl friend and for a while I was left all alone.And now he's got her pregnant and they are so young with a kid on the way. The worst part is that I was the other woman for a while. The girl he would cheat on his pregnant girl friend with. Sure he sounds like a dog and in some way he is but I was able to forgive him for everything. I still love him thought and he continues to play a very important role in my life. Things are a lot better now. I have been able to get over him -not being my boyfriend any more. His new girlfriend needs him in her life more than ne thing and I am happy about their baby.I kno he is going to make a great dad if not for me but for some one else. That is the lesson that I learned from being with this person. Some times we have to make sacrifices for the ones we care about and even though our relationship failed I felt like it was a necessary experience that taught me a lot about my self- and is in turn going to help future relationships to become better. Good luck to all the daters out their -never give up on love!


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