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me and him slowed danced than went out to look at the stars

When I first metmy ex, it was something out of a dream, or a fairytale. I met him at homecoming. Me and my friends were dancing and having fun, and than i saw him. He came in with a friend ( who just before he met me, he really liked). We met on the dance floor. He couldnt dance well, but he was trying and showing off anyway. It was pretty obvious the way he was looking at me that he was showing off for me. It was so sweet, and no guy really had ever shown anykind of interest in me. He had made me laugh.
Than one of my other friends came in and started grinding up against him, i dont blame him for not fighting it, though the faces he gave me showed tht he thouht it was weird. She is a forceful girl, and everyone knows tht. But than I lost him for an hour. When I found him, she was still dragging him around, and I got jealous. I was the one he waas tryin to impress.. this is th first guy tht made a first move. This turned into the first guy i faught a friend over. What I did was bump her out of the way and started grindin into him like she was before ( First time dancinlike tht too.)Me and my friend kept tht up for a while and finally she gave up. Than, me and him slowed danced than went out to look at the stars. That was how our night ended. Even if there was no love in the relationship, there was romance, that one night, and a long lasting friendship. We are still friends even after we broke up a month later.


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