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But i moved on... everyone has too

Ok...so i was going out with this girl for about 2 months.i had known her for a while, for somthin like a year, but i never really talked to her. one day we started talking and I decided to ask her out. Turns out she lived justa few streets down from me so when we werent somewhere else we woud go to eachothrs house. We were at my house, cudling and kissing... and she asks me never to "take it any farther than this" of course i say ok... i loved her. I would never hurt her. Eventually i had to go to work, but i was happy as could be... and thats when i gotta text mesage. It said "you always have to leave". I thought she was joking around... she was that kind of person... but then she said "don't you understand? there can be no mor 'us'." Just like she pulled it outofa frikkin movie line. After that she sent more BS like im sorry, im so sorry... then i find out she was goin out with another guy. I was so bummed... no... i was heartbroken. I really loved her... but a text-message breakup? AAAAAH! But i moved on... everyone has too... and now life is normal again.


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