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I was dating this guy from my friends chuch for about 2 months. I had recently gone to my friends house for my birthday and he was there and so was my friend and her boyfriend.Well the day started out fine and we were watching movies. After they were over i had to go home. when i got home i took off my sweat shirt to reveal 3 hickies on my chest. Well then my mom camke in and stated yelling at me... saying things like WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!? so when word got out that it happend at my friends house, my boyfriends mom found out, and everthing got out of control! but when it was all over i found out that this new girl from school was hangin out around him on the weekends. Not long after i found out....he called me saing my mom found out about the hicky thing so shes making me brake up with you. He must have thought that i was stupid or somthing!!but i knew that he was cheating on me the whole time! after about a week of dating her he found that he loved me more and asked me back out! But i said you mess with her you're stuck with her... simple as that! i found that u dont need a man in ur life to be happy and niether do u!!!!!!!!


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