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i got 4 hours or detention

I dated this guy for 2 months and he slept with cousin the night we broke up. Then a year later we started talking again. He appologized and said that that was the biggest mistake of his life. He told me how he thought about me the whole time that we were broken-up. So I gave him just one more chance. So we were dating for maybe 3 months and then he got sent to his moms about 50 miles away. I was so torn up about it but he would only be gone for 3 weeks until he turned 18. So he came to stay at my house for the weekend and we went out for his birthday. Everything was fine for about 2 more months. He moved back to our town and we started seeing each other less and less. Then one day he just broke up with me and told me that he still loved me but he was sleeping with a girl who was 23 and had the same name as me. Wow!! I was pissed. So now he goes out with the girl who used to be my best friend. She says she is gonna have his baby but thats the 3rd time this month that she has said that so who knows!!! The other day she was trying to run her mouth so i tried to hit her but a teacher grabbed me and i got 4 hours or detention. But believe me every single minute of that detention will be worth it. LOL! I just think of it this way, she just has my left overs(that weren't all that good) But as for him what goes around comes around:)


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