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She is Nasty, Lying and Cheating

I was in a serious relationship with this girl for 8 months. We spent all our time together and talked about marriage and where we would live together. She always told me that she would never leave me, no matter what she would always be with me, and how I was the only guy she found attractive and wanted to be with. I was madly in love with her.

After going out for 8 months, out of nowhere, she told me that she had to end it because she wanted to fool around with other guys. She told me she cheated on me after 4 months of going out and saw this other person for a whole month. She also told me she was dating 3 different guys for the past 2 months. She told me she was never in love with me, she was desperate, and wanted to be with someone nice and caring for about 7 or 8 months and then move on.

She called me up a few weeks later (when I just started getting over her) and told me she still loves me, she misses me, begging me to take her back, told me she would never do anything like that to me again. After hours of begging me to take her back, I gave in and said yes. She laughed and told me she would never go back to me and hung up.

Her family tells me she is currently dating 7 different guys, (none of them knowing about the other), and pregnant but not knowing who the father is.


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